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    SCP Research | DFS cost beat sees SCP NAV upgrade and price target increase to A$1.65/sh for Jaguar  
    Argonaut Equities Research | Jaguar Feasibility Outcomes  
    SCP Research | Maiden Boi Novo drilling sees potential for Cu-Au optionality; Jaguar FS in 2Q24  
    Argonaut Equities Research | Concentration Reorientation  
    SCP Research | Concentrate only de-risks project financing, POX preserved as upside  

Yesterday’s Jambreiro Iron ore project update announcement is not a pivot and very simply presents additional funding optionality for Centaurus (positive for shareholders) 

    Canaccord Genuity | A simplified nickel sulphide concentrate operation  
    SCP Research | Receives Jaguar site EIS approval – final environmental permitting on track for 2H24  
    SCP Research | Onca Preta roots to 850m below surface, wedging to 1.1km underway, new zones at Jag South  
    Argonaut | Best Undeveloped Projects 2023  

Centaurus Metals Jaguar Nickel Sulphide Project has once again been listed in the 10 Year Anniversary Edition of Argonaut's Best Undeveloped Projects Book for 2023.

    Argonaut Equities Research | Nickel for Dimes  
    SCP Research | Post offtake coup, strategic value continues to grow with deep drilling hitting 21m @ 2.3% Ni  
    Euroz Hartleys | Unencumbered Nickel Units Upgrading PT  
    SCP Research | Game on as Centaurus becomes one of few Ni developers globally with 100% unsold offtake  
    Canaccord Genuity | Jaguar unencumbered and open to off-take  
    Argonaut Equities Research | Offtake Rights Released  
    Argonaut Equities Research | Brazilian Comparisons  
    SCP Research | DFS preview: reserves lifted from 36.6Mt to 55Mt, mill upsized and Co/Zn credits added  
    Argonaut Equities Research | A Cat Amongst the Pigeons  
    Canaccord Genuity | Battery-grade nickel sulphate production allows off-take discussions  
    SCP Research | Pilot plant produced high-quality battery grade Ni Sulphate ahead of DFS and off-take discussions  
    SCP Research | New greenfield discovery uncovered by 14m @ 1.1% NiEq at Twister, 5km from Jaguar’s ROM pad  
    SCP Research | Final phase pilot work sees additional revenue stream with high-purity cobalt hydroxide by-product  
    Euroz Hartleys Valuation Update | 20/20 VISION AT JAGUAR  

CY22 resource growth a significant beat on expectations

    Argonaut Research | 2022 Metals & Mining Best Undeveloped Projects  

Jaguar Nickel Sulphide Project – Green Nickel Machine

    Sprott Equity Research | Resource upgrade a big beat without sacrificing grade as EV macro kicks in, PT lifted to 310c/sh  

Big surprise, big win, big deposit with 2nd best EV/decarbonisation macro after lithium

    Argonaut Equity Research | Field Visit Notes from Brazil  
    Sprott Equity Research | Site visit: a multi-billion asset in the making with infrastructure, staff, rigs and access to develop  
    Sprott Equity Research | ‘Best in class’ engineering firm appointed to lead DFS; Ausenco leveraging in-country expertise  
    Sprott Equity Research | Centaurus Metals (CTM AU): 40m @ 1.2% shallow drilling, plus A$75m equity for 14 rigs and year-end DFS at just 0.23xNAV  
    Argonaut Research | Leaps and Bounds  
    Canaccord Genuity | Resource increase to underpin larger scale operation  
    Sprott Equity Research | Centaurus Metals (CTM AU): MRE up 40% to 81Mt@1.0% NiEq, POX sees PT lift to A$2.50/sh as market asleep at the wheel  
    Euroz Hartleys | Updated Resource: Material Growth, More Open Pit = POX the Preferred Route  
    Sprott Equity Research | The Silver Bullet goes greenfield: first regional drilling hits 6m of sulphides 4km from mine area  
    Argonaut Research | Sulphate option adds more bite  
    Sprott Research | CO2 footprint puts Jaguar in top 3% of operating nickel mines, PT lifted on ‘double premium’  
    Euroz Hartleys | Jun Q’ly FY’21 Report: POX the Preferred Route & Jambreiro to Realise Value?  
    Canaccord Genuity | Jaguar is purring, meow is the time to buy  
    Euroz Hartleys | Downstream Processing Realises Material Ni Value  
    Sprott Equity Research | Value add study shows great optionality (on increased profits) with strong financial metrics  
    Sprott Equity Research | Jaguar grows with blind discovery, pit extension and high-grade roots  
    Argonaut | Jaguar in the scope  
    Sprott Equity Research  
    Euroz Hartleys | Comprehensive Scoping Study Highlights Jaguar’s Potential  
    Argonaut Securities  
    Euroz Hartleys Securities  
    Sprott Equity Research | Tomorrow’s nickel producers set for bumper times in a post-corona EV world  
    Argonaut Best Undeveloped Projects | Centaurus Metals - 'Sweet ride in a Jaguar'  
    Euroz Hartleys Securities | Exploration Success Continues at Jaguar Central  
    Sprott Equity Research | Jaguar is still growing  
    Sprott Equity Research  
    Spott Equity Research  
    Sprott Equity Research | Jaguar roars with maiden JORC: initiating coverage  
    Evolution Capital Advisors | Flash Note: Already the Second Largest Undeveloped Nickel Sulphide Resource (ranked by grade) Globally  
    Argonaut Securities | Outstanding Maiden JORC Resource  
    Euroz Research | Outstanding Maiden Jaguar Resource of 517kt @ 1.08% Ni  
    Euroz Research | Jaguar - A company maker?  
    MineLife Resource Bulletin  
    Sprott Capital Research  
    Argonaut Securities | Centaurus Metals Handed The Keys to a Jaguar  
    Terra Studio | New Exploration and Development Strategy for a Globally Significant Nickel Sulphide Camp